We go together like…


You are a great man and I think we could be more

You dug so deep within my heart and now you stick to my inner core

You’re like my true inspiration, you give me the strength to move on

You’re like the perfect picture but you were never drawn


This is not a coincidence and it could never be a mistake

Your words and kindness make my soul feel warm, off its embrace

I can’t wait to see you, for you to hold me in your arms

For you to whisper things I want to hear and fill my cup with charm


I was so empty and lonely when you weren’t with me here

And now that I have you close, I want us to be so near

I want us to be together, even though I don’t know you well

But maybe we should wait and see if time will tell


I think this is the beginning of something strong and true

Don’t ever go away because I’m beginning to attach to you

I wonder what will come of this odd and simple romance

Maybe a first kiss and a simple embracive dance


So, when you think of me think of all the words I’ve said

And don’t ever forget that I could be the best thing you’ve ever had

And you could be the bestest thing I ever had.

We got together like cookies & milk (DidiDan)


~ by Didi Ali on May 30, 2011.

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